Development Proposal – All Saints Church


All Saints Church on Carter Street was built in 1923 and is listed in the NSW Heritage register.

It is a representative example of inter-war suburban church which illustrates, through its own development, the growth of the area.



A development application has been submitted to North Sydney Council for a significant redevelopment of the church.

North Sydney Council is seeking comments and feedback from residents.

Before After


The scope of the proposed works include:

  • Demolishing the west end and making the church longer.
    • Moving the entrance to the church to the East end
    • Demolishing the rear wall of the nave
    • Constructing a substantial new 2 story extension to the rear of the church.

The full details of the proposed development can be viewed on the North Sydney Council Web site.

1. Go here: West
North Sydney Council Website

2. Agree to the terms and conditions

3. Enter 200/2014 in the search box


Many residents have already expressed concerns about this proposal. Some common issues are

  • impact on street parking and traffic congestion
  • demolition and alterations to a NSW heritage building
  • change to the streetscape in a Conservation Area
  • increased building use and consequent impact on residents
  • removal of trees including threatens species


All residents are invited to submit a comment on the DA.


Send your comments to the council through the Council DA Comments Webpage
Or complete the DA_Submission_to_Council2 and mail/fax it to council.

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One Response to Development Proposal – All Saints Church

  1. Elizabeth Dean says:

    Elizabeth Dean(9 Carter Street) has suggested the issues that residents may feel moved to comment on.

    The broader community issues include:
    - Lack of community consultation and notification.
    - Increased demand for already limited on street parking (note they have no intention of adding parking onsite).
    - Increased traffic congestion in an area that is already impacted significantly Mon-Fri by school, and on Saturday by the Japanese School.
    - Removal of 14 of the 17 trees on site including significant trees and threatened species.
    - Demolition and addition to a heritage listed building with very little consideration of the Burra Charter.
    - Changing the street scape considerably in a conservation area.
    - Building use

    For properties in the immediate vicinity in addition to the above, there may be concerns such as:
    - Audio Privacy
    - Visual Privacy
    - Solar Access issues
    - Stormwater drainage
    - Reflectivity
    - Form, Massing and Scale
    - Quality Built Form (with consideration for surrounding area)
    - Colours and Materials
    - Landscaping

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