Development Proposal – All Saints Church



The development application for All Saints Church has been advertised by North Sydney Council to seek comments and feedback from residents.

Before AfterThe advertising period has now closed and the application is being considered by a planning officer.


The scope of the proposed works include:

  • Demolishing the west end and making the church longer.
    • Moving the entrance to the church to the East end
    • Demolishing the rear wall of the nave
    • Constructing a substantial new 2 story extension to the rear of the church.

Many residents have already expressed concerns about this proposal. Some common issues are

  • impact on street parking and traffic congestion
  • demolition and alterations to a NSW heritage building
  • change to the streetscape in a Conservation Area
  • increased building use and consequent impact on residents
  • removal of trees including threatens species

If you would like to be kept informed on the progress of the development application including dates of council committee meetings etc please register your interest with North Sydney Council on the link below.

By making a submission and / or signing our petition this does not mean you will be kept informed, you still need to sign up through the ‘Notify Me’ section of the website.

(Please note once you are in the development application 200/2014 you need to scroll down to reach the ‘Notify Me’ section on the left hand side).


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