Place Names in Cammeray

The following has been sourced from the publication “Naming North Sydney”.

Amherst Street
Lord William Pitt Amherst was Governor General of India 1823-1828. Some old directories and plans mis-spell this street as AMHURST.

Avon Street
Henry Green, local builder and former Mayor of North Sydney 1921-1922, built over 300 homes in North Sydney. It was recorded that he was fond of old English names and those named by him bear witness to this. It is believed that Avon is named after Stratford on Avon. Green himself lived in Avon Street.

Bellevue Street
While it is probable that this street is named for its beautiful view, a former Alderman of the Borough of St. Leonards, G. A. Bell, did live in this vicinity. Originally included in present day ANZAC AVENUE.

Cairo Street
George Caird was an early landowner in Cammeray.

Carter Street
Probably named after Alderman J. Carter, a former Mayor of North Sydney Council, 1903-1909.

Green Park
This land was donated to the community as a public reserve by resident Henry Green, who was Mayor of North Sydney 1921-1922. A building contractor by trade, he built over 300 houses in North Sydney

Miller Street
In 1833 William Miller, Assistant Commissary-General of Government Provisions, purchased some of the land granted to Deputy Assistant Commissary-General Thomas Walker on the North Shore. In 1844 Miller was transferred to Hong Kong and passed his North Sydney home to his son. In the 1870s this became Bernard Holtermann’s house and in the late 1880s the Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore).

Palmer Street
After Sir Joseph Palmer Abbott , whose house “Tarella” was built in 1886 and still stands in nearby Amherst Street. He was Speaker of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, Member of the 1897-1898 Convention to frame the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia and Chairman of the A.M.P. Society. He died in 1901.

Primrose Park
Primrose Park dedicated in 1930, was named after H.L. Primrose, Mayor of North Sydney 1926-1932, and later New South Wales Minister for Health. In the 1890s, the Park was the site of North Sydney’s first sewage treatment works. The engine and compressor houses, tunnels and canals can still be seen.

Tunks Park
William Tunks was the first Mayor of St. Leonards from 1867 until his death in 1883. He was also elected to the Legislative Assembly as a Member for St.Leonards in 1864. He was very active in community affairs, being particularly interested in improving public reserves in the district. It was largely through his efforts that Gore Hill Cemetery was established and the site of Lavender Bay Baths was secured.

Warringa Road
The name was also used for present-day STRATFORD STREET. The name commemorates one of North Sydney’s former wards.

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