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Warringah Freeway Noise Wall Action Group – UPDATE 5

It is now 2 years since our Public Meeting on 14 September 2010 with Council, RTA and our State MP


  • 19 OCTOBER 2012 - Meeting between RMS *(RTA) and residents – RMS PROPOSES NOISE ABATEMENT ACTION FOR 9 OF THE 12 NOISE CATCHMENT AREAS (NCA) ALONG THE WARRINGAH FREEWAY – see Minutes on Council website
  • 2 NOISE CATCHMENT AREAS (NCA) ARE SCHEDULED FOR NOISE ABATEMENT NOW – 2 NCAs with the highest traffic noise levels are scheduled for action this year -  agreement on designs and plans are now being finalising with residents of NCA 4 – West St  and Tarella Place Cammeray and NCA 5A Sexton Place Cammeray. RMS anticipates that construction of noise walls will commence in February 2013 with completion expected by June 2013
  • OTHER 10 NCAs – Action proposed for 7 of the other 10 NCAs are detailed in the Minutes from meeting 19 October 2012 – see Council website. Timing of action is expected during the next 2 to 3 years. It is suggested that residents familiarise themselves with proposals for their NCA area and any issues highlighted and communicate with RMS concerning specific timing and any concerns.

 VISIT – North Sydney Council website www.northsydney.nsw.gov.au (Major Projects – WF Noise walls) for details of action and meetings with RMS * (RTA) and Council (with Minutes) over the last 2+ years of our campaign


  • ACTIVELY PROMOTE YOUR NCA – get your neighbours to lobby/write to the Minister for Road & Ports,  RMS and your local Members (Gladys Berejiklian or Jillian Skinner) – addresses below – examples of letters  can be provided
  • REGISTER ON THE NOISE ABATEMENT PROGRAM (NAP) AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO REGISTER – RMS (previously RTA) tel 131782 Mr Joseph Fanous or website www.rta.nsw.gov.au . (Environment – Noise – NAP) Even if you do not technically qualify, RMS will record your details and this should result in advice to you of noise abatement proposals for your street.

If you are already registered on NAP or have applied please advise us so we can track numbers on NAP  



Thank you for your support. If we can assist with your NAP registration please advise.

Graham Webster    (gcwebster@gmail.com)   tel 9922 3192                                    Kathy Bisits      (kbisits@iinet.net.au)


If you would like to receive updates by email then please send your email address to – gcwebster@gmail.com  ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Addresses for complaint/action letters are

The Hon Duncan Gay MLC,      Minister for Roads & Ports                                                          Peter Duncan,    Chief Executive Officer

Governor Macquarie Tower                                                                                                           Roads and Maritime Services

Level 35 1 Farrer Place SYDNEY NSW 2000     Email – office@gay.minister.nsw.gov.au             Locked Bag 928       NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2059

* RTA has changed its name to Roads & Maritime Services (RMS)

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Four trees victim to the wild weather

Another tree has fallen victim to the strong winds recently. At least four stumps have appeared in Carter Street where a thunderstorm cell passed over – this one outside the church.

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Carter Street Herb Garden

The Carter Street Herb garden continues to defy the vandals and the weather. Perhaps some labels could be added – to avoid a culinary surprise!

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Warringah Freeway Noise Wall Action Group – UPDATE 4

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Easter Egg Hunt 3pm Sunday 1st April

2012 Easter Egg Hunt

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Storm Damage on Carter Street

A few days ago strong winds in a thunderstorm damaged many of the established trees in Carter Street.

The  storm brought down a tree onto the roof of No 3 Carter Street.

A crane had to be used to carefully remove it.

3 Carter Street - Tree on Roof

3 Carter Street - Tree on Roof

3 Carter Street - Tree on Roof

3 Carter Street - Tree on Roof

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